Terms And Conditions

Terms and conditions

The present conditions regulate the purchases made in the shop.dacianodacosta.pt online store. The purchase contract will be signed between the customer, as a consumer, and the entity Daciano da Costa, registered trademark no. 512576on April 17, 2013 as Atelier Daciano da Costa – Arquitectura e Design, Lda. Entity headquartered at Rua Saraiva de Carvalho, 84 – Porta 4 – 1250-244 – Lisbon, with taxpayer number no.50408748.

Atelier Daciano da Costa reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at anytime and without prior notice. The applicable Purchase Conditions will be those that are inforced at the time of acceptance by the customer, so its periodic reading is suggested.

Intellectual property

All graphic, photographic and text content on the shop.dacioanodacosta.pt website is the intellectual property of Atelier Daciano da Costa and cannot be used by others unless an authorization for this purpose is granted by the entity itself. The purchase of Products does not constitute a transfer of ownership or license for use in any intellectual property rights related to or belonging to the Products, including patents, to the customer.

Copyright and use rights

The content provided by the design company Atelier Daciano da Costa is protected by the laws governing databases, copyrights and trademarks.Such content may not be copied or disseminated, nor used or copied in any way, without the prior consent of the respective owners. This applies, in particular, to any copies made with the help of robots, trackers or other automatic mechanisms. Any use or modification of the services for purposes for which they were not intended is prohibited. In particular, copying or sending content,offers, directories, databases, etc. for commercial purposes it is prohibited and will be subject to criminal and civil lawsuits within the scope of the existing legal options.

Commitment to good use of the Internet

Atelier Daciano Da Costa may cancel any order, as well as inform the competent authorities if it reasonably suspects an abusive or fraudulent use by any customer of the Platform.

Service Availability

Items from the online store will be delivered to your home via CTT or may be collected by the customer at the address of Atelier Daciano da Costa: Rua Arriaga, 2 1200-609 – Lisboa.

It is the customer’s obligation to make sure that someone is present at the address indicated on the delivery date so that he can receive it. The customer must be responsible for collecting the order at the CTT post corresponding to his area of residence if he is not at home at the time of delivery. This collection must be made within the time limit for retaining orders by CTT.

Buying process

Access shop.dacianodacosta.pt;Search, through collections, or product categories within the Shop;With a click, access the most complete information of each article: photographs from different perspectives, name, description of the piece,production and composition process,weight, size, details of periods of manufacture and delivery.After selecting the desired part, the customer addsit to their order by clicking on “Add tocart” .Then, the customer can add more items by selecting“update cart”.

When he doesn’t want to add more items, the customer can finalize his order by clicking on“Checkout”;Customer must carefully fill in the contact information and address, to avoid shipping errors -Atelier Daciano da Costa is not responsible for the loss or non-delivery of items in situations of errors in the description of the customer’s address when filling in the shipping form. .If the customer wants to change the delivery address to another address other than the one he filled in the shipping form at checkout of the order, he can do it via email as long as the shipment has not already been processed.Then, you must select the payment method, check the data and confirm the order.After payment, the customer will receive, via email,the purchase invoice.When the sending form and the certificate of acceptance of collection by CTT are created,the customer receives, via SMS, a code through which he can follow the route of the item (s)ordered to the destination address.


An order is not binding on Atelier Daciano da Costa before full payment for the ordered Products has been properly received, unless it is explicitly agreed otherwise with the customer.

Limitation of liability

Atelier Daciano da Costa will not be responsible for any losses, damages, claims or costs ofany kind, including any consequential or indirect damages or costs, due to the use of the Products.

Products availability

Atelier Daciano da Costa’s products are mainly produced to order, so each order requires a period of production, order preparation and shipment of the ordered items.

There are products in stock, however there are a limited number, for example, Palace jars and ashtrays and Stone line ashtrays.

Delivery and delivery time

The delivery times for the Products are indicated in the Web Store or, otherwise, agreed separately with the customer.The customer has, as an exclusive resource, the right to cancel an order in the event of a delay of more than four weeks compared to that indicated on the purchase page.Atelier Daciano da Costa has the right to cancel orders placed due to the Product, or parts of the Product, being possible to obtain from sub-suppliers of Atelier Daciano da Costa and cannot be acquired by reasonable efforts and / or at reasonable prices Other sub-suppliers.In case of cancellation, Atelier Daciano da Costa will return all payments of the Product to the customer as soon as possible and, in no case,after 30 days from the date of cancellation.All products are shipped with a reputable carrier of choice from Atelier Daciano da Costa to the address indicated by the customer (or to a collection point connected to the address indicated and which is used by the carrier).

Atelier Daciano da Costa has no obligation to ensure that the address provided is valid. Any and all costs charged to Atelier Daciano da Costa due to incorrect address or non-acceptance of delivery will be charged to the customer.Products returned to Atelier Daciano da Costa due to non-acceptance of delivery will not be resent and Atelier Daciano da Costa will have no obligation to return the purchase price, and other costs charged, to the customer.However, this will not apply if the customer requests a new delivery within 14 days from the date of non-acceptance of the delivery and is responsible for the costs of reshipment.The transfer of ownership of the purchased Products occurs when the Product is delivered and full payment of the purchase price has been received.
The customer will not have the right to discard the Product before the transfer of ownership occurs. Atelier Daciano daCosta has the right to retake the Products delivered unpaid.In the case of evident damage to the product packaging at the time of delivery, the customer must open the packaging together with the carrier to make sure that the product is intact.
In the event of damage being identified, the delivery of the product must be rejected and thecustomer must enter geral@dacianodacosta.pt and claim the “Product damaged on arrival”to be entitled to a replacement product. PricingThe prices that Atelier Daciano da Costa practices with the end customer are those that are available for consultation in the online store.In a project situation with professionals involving a greater number of articles, AtelierDaciano da Costa reserves the right to charge lower prices than those described in the online store. In this case, the customer must contact Atelier Daciano da Costa via email.

Shipping term and expenses

Shipping costs to mainland Portugal and mainland Spain will be covered by Atelier Dacianoda Costa;Shipping costs to Portuguese or Spanish islands will be partly covered by Atelier Daciano daCosta, with the remaining amount paid by the customer;

Shipping costs to the rest of the world will be the customer’s full responsibility.

The products

Atelier Daciano da Costa does not guarantee that the true colors, shapes and other characteristics of the Products will be accurately reflected in the Online Store or in the presentation / advertising material, due to the client’s computer or monitor configurations, ordue to deficiencies in representation or descriptionof the products.Defects due to normal wear and tear, the use of the Products for purposes other than those intended, or otherwise due to proper handling or use,can never be considered defects forwhich Atelier Daciano da Costa is responsible.Defects in the supplied products must be notifiedwithin a maximum of eight (8) days from receipt of the products. Hidden defects must be reported immediately after discovery. AtelierDaciano da Costa will have no obligation to remedy a defect in the event of failure to notifythat defect accordingly.In the event of a defect, Atelier Daciano da Costa will, at its sole discretion, remedy the defect or exchange the Product as soon as possibl eafter receiving notification of the defect.If it is not possible to remedy the defect or exchange the Product, Atelier Daciano da Costa will refund the purchase price of the Product reasonably adjusted for any wear and tear.

Withdrawal policy (return)

The Customer can exercise its right to withdraw. Purchases whose deliveries / shipments are still not managed are considered “Open” in the customer’s Purchase History and can be canceled by sending an email to geral@dacianodacosta.pt.For orders already shipped,returns will be made according to the following procedure:If, for any reason, the customer is not satisfied with his purchase, he has the possibility to exercise the right to return the items within 45 consecutive days after the date of purchase,provided that all returned items are received within of that same period and in its original state.To return the items, the customer, within the aforementioned period, must contact Atelier Daciano da Costa via e-mail. The return of the item(s) must be made by the customer.The article must be returned intact and in its original packaging, protected by additional packaging if necessary so that it arrives at Atelier Daciano da Costa in its original state;The return will only be considered as completed when the articles arrive at the Atelier Daciano da Costa facilities in their original state.Atelier Daciano da Costa will not assume the possible costs or incidents that may arise from the transportation of returned items,which will be the sole responsibility of the customer.Fulfilling the points mentioned above, a 100% refund of the purchase price will be made.If the customer requests a return, Atelier Dacianoda Costa will check the condition of the item (s) and, depending on the fulfillment of the conditions mentioned above, the following may occur:The article does not meet the conditions and therefore the return is rejected by AtelierDaciano da Costa: in this case the customer will be contacted within 7 days and can choose to resend the items to his address. All expenses generated by this refund will be thecustomer’s responsibility, including the transportation of these items (from the customer to Atelier Daciano da Costa and their return), taxes or customs fees, when applicable.The article complies with the conditions mentioned above and, therefore, its return is accepted by Atelier Daciano da Costa. In this case,the customer will receive an email informing them that the return was accepted by ordering the bank details for the purpose of return. Atelier Daciano da Costa will proceed to pay the value of the items returned to the bank details indicated by the client by sending the respective proof of bank transfer via email.

Force Majeure

Force majeure events, such as breakdowns, strikes or other disturbing influences beyond the control of Atelier Daciano da Costa, or the suppliers of Atelier Daciano da Costa, release Atelier Daciano da Costa from its delivery commitments and any other obligations towards the customer for the duration of the disturbing influence and the consequences of it.


All contact costs with Atelier Daciano da Costa for the purpose of ordering Products or otherwise, either through the Atelier Daciano da Costa Online Store, by phone, by email, by regular mail or otherwise, will be borne by the customer.The customer visits and uses the online store at his own risk. Atelier Daciano da Costa will not have any responsibility for any damage caused to the client’s computer hardware,software or other equipment due to viruses or similar ones contracted on the website.Applicable law Portuguese law should, without regard to its conflicts of legal principles, apply exclusively to these terms and conditions and to all purchases of Products. Any dispute arising out of or related to these terms and conditions will be resolved in a Portuguese court of general jurisdiction